E-jurnal Fakultas Ekonomi Bisnis - Universitas Wijaya Putra
  • IMKA (Implementasi Manajemen & Kewirausahaan

    The IMKA provides a forum for academics and professionals to share the latest developments and advances in knowledge and practice of management business both theory and practices. It aims to foster the exchange of ideas on a range of important management subjects and to provide stimulus for research and the further development of international perspectives. 


    Income merupakan Jurnal ilmiah yang berisi hasil-hasil penelitian, kajian, pemikiran, dan analisis mengenai ilmu Akuntansi (akuntansi keuangan, akuntansi sektor publik, akuntansi keperilakuan, sistem informasi akuntansi, akuntansi manajemen, akuntansi biaya dan perpajakan) dan ilmu finansial (analisis laporan keuangan, manajemen keuangan, Investasi dan Pengganggaran). Income terbit sebanyak dua kali dalam satu tahun, pada bulan Pebruari dan Agustus

  • WORLDVIEW (Economics Development and Sharia Studies Journal)

    Economics Study Program (Prodi) is one of the study programs among the three study programs at the Faculty of Economics & Business, Wijaya Putra University. Vision, Mission and objectives of the Study Program refer to the Faculties and Universities. Existing competency-based curriculum is formulated to achieve the Vision, Mission and Objectives targets. The organizational structure of the study program consists of the Chairperson and Secretary of the Study Program which is equipped with the implementing elements of the study program namely the Head of the Laboratory, Interest / Concentration Coordinator, Library staff, Research & Community Service Coordinator and Administration. Currently, the Study Program has Alumni Networks in various regions which play an active role in providing information on employment opportunities for graduates. Scholarships include: scholarships, Student Learning Assistance (BBM), Academic Achievement Improvement (PPA) etc. The Economics Study Program has obtained the implementation permit of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia No. 080 / O / 1984, and has been accredited based on SK BAN PT No: 005 / BAN-PT / Ak-XIV / S1 / VI / 2011