THE EFFECT OF THE USE OF AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGY ON INCOME AND EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES FARM WORKERS (Case Study of the Community of Balongpanggang Village, Balongpanggang District, Gresik Regency)

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  • Ananda Istiqomah Nurfauzia
  • Ramon Syahrial
Keywords: agricultural equipment technologi, farmworker, employment, income, job, opportunities


This study discusses the about influence of agricultural equipment technology on employment
opportunities and farm laborers' income in Balongpanggang, Balongpanggang sub-district,
Gresik district. The purpose of this research is to find out how the technology of agricultural
equipment affects the employment opportunities and income of farm worker. The existence of
agricultural equipment technology has negative and positive impacts in Balongpanggang
village, the conclusion from this study is that the negative effect means that the decreasing
Agricultural Equipment Technology will affect the increase in Job Opportunities for farm
laborers and for this positive influence it means that the increasing Agricultural Equipment
Technology will affect This increase in income is because the technology of agricultural
equipment is considered to save working time and costs in land management. But on the other
hand, the presence of agricultural equipment technology has also shifted the work of farm
laborers who initially used traditional tools. The type of research used is quantitative research
with a population of farmhands in the village of Balongpanggang and using the saturation
theory formula, namely with 23 respondents and all of them will be sampled. The method used
to test this research is to test the validity, reliability test, t test , classic assumption test, pearson
bivariate correlation test and simple regression analysis. The analytical tool in this study uses
SPSS version 20