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  • Yohanes Wahyudi Cadura Wijaya Putra University
  • Didik Daryanto Wijaya Putra University
Keywords: marketing, redginge, strategy


In Lambangan Village, Wonoayu District, Sidoarjo Regency, there are several
MSMEs that produce instant red ginger, one of which is Hensam Sari Instant Red Ginger,
El Nuha Red Ginger, Instant Red Ginger Mawaddah, which has been running since 2016
and produces instant red ginger powder. and Temulawak. The drink's beautiful color and
not too spicy taste make red ginger syrup Aroma Hensam Sari Jahe Merah Instant, loved
by children to adults. This study has the objectives to 1). To find out the internal factors
and external factors which are the strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities
and threats to MSMEs in Lambangan Village in marketing instant red ginger. 2) To find
out the marketing strategy alternatives for instant red ginger that are implemented by
MSMEs in Lambangan Village. 3). Want to know the marketing of instant red ginger that
is good for MSMEs in Lambangan Village. The research used the survey method, the data
collection method was carried out by interviews, observations and documentation studies
to the respondents, namely visitors and MSME managers in Lambangan Village directly.
Methods of data analysis using quantitative description analysis. Analysis through QSPM.
Strategic Decision Making Based on the SWOT analysis diagram, it is known that the
alternative instant red ginger marketing strategy in Lambangan Village strongly supports
the SO strategy, which consists of increasing production quantity, improving service to
agents and customers.