Focus and Scope

Journal of System Engineering and Technological Innovation (JISTI) is a peer-reviewed journal in English and Indonesia published two issues per year (in April and October). JISTI dedicated to publishing quality and innovative research in the field of Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and informatic Engineering, thereby promoting applications to engineering problem.

It encompasses the Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and informatic Engineering, but it is not limited to scopes. Those are allowed to discuss on the following scope:

Mechanical Engineering:

  • Energy : Energy Conversion, Energy Conservation, Renewable Energy, Energy Technology, Energy Management.
  • Mechanical : Applied Mechanics, Automobiles and Automotive Engineering, Tribology, Biomechanics, Dynamic and Vibration, Mechanical System Design, Mechatronics.
  • Material : Material Science, Composite and Smart Material, Micro and Nano Engineering, Powder Metallurgy.
  • Manufacturing : Advanced Manufacturing Techniques, Automation in Manufacturing, Modelling, and Optimization of Manufacturing Processes.

Informatic Engineering:

  • Intelligent Systems : Artificial Intelligence, Data mining, Operation Research, Decision Support System, AI for Game, Declarative Programming Soft Computing, Intelligent Information Retrieval, and Pattern Recognition Computer Networks.
  • Applied Network Technology : Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), Internet Programming, dan Wireless Programming.
  • Multimedia Computing : Image Processing, Graphics, Mobile Computing, Mobile application development and Multimedia Technology.
  • Enterprise Information System : Theory of Computation, Web Technology, Soft Computing, Web Data Management, Software Quality Testing, Cloud and Big Data, Computer Vision, Information Retrieval, Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Industrial Engineering:

  • Operational Research : Accounting and Finance, Distribution and Marketing, Construction Management, Production Operations and Exploration.
  • Industrial Management : operations management, marketing, and financial management
  • Work System Design and Ergonomics : Physical ergonomic, Cognitive ergonomic, Organizational ergonomic, design, repair and installation of a system.
  • Manufacturing Systems : Production Systems, Systems Modeling, and Production Planning and Control.